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See, Hear, Speak

See, hear speak. Take everything for just what they really are, no mixed messages. Life is simpler this way. No playing games. I’m fed up with men believing I’m into them, just because I’m extremely polite, or friendly or looking them straight in the eye. Hey, looking straight in the eye of a person gives them reason to trust you. It means you’re not lying in his face. That’s why eyes are called the windows to the soul.

I think this ‘phenomena’ has been with human society for time immemorial, and it maybe more strongly felt in some cultures or with egotistical men.

And since when having been extremely polite to a man, say a perfect stranger, ever been considered flirting? Since when did a friendly touch of arm, friendly teasing of hair, friendly brush of shoulder and (gasp!) a friendly but slight touch of hand been considered flirting? This society is impossible. It’s as if these things are in itself immoral and will lead to sex, which I doubt it will.  Why not concentrate on improving moral values that truly enrich, like teaching your daughter not to take off their clothes and teaching your son to be with a good woman, and not getting laid with whores.

And whenever someone looks you in the eye, don’t immediately think it means a man or woman is flirting – unless it gets creepy and you know. You know what I mean.




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