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Has anyone ever read this?

Ok, so I may be too late reading the book as there is a film version released last 2014. Please don’t spill anything if you’ve read the book and/or watched the movie. I’m really loving this book by S.J Watson (the one on the left, obviously). Anyway, I’m looking forward to how events will turn out but I love every second! It’s a real page-turner. I didn’t realize how much I missed reading books as I do now! And that was way way back when, even before the age of Facebook. Also, as much as I am tempted to get a copy of the movie, I want to finish the book first. Then I’ll get a copy.

I put down reading Agent Provocateur by Faith Bleasdale temporarily to read this one. I’m reading both on my e-reader. The two books are on different ends. Anyway, to give you a glimpse, Agent Provocateur is about a honey trapper named Grace, sexy, attractive and smart, and trained to catch unfaithful cheating husbands of suspecting wives. I really like the story.

Meanwhile, Before I Go to Sleep by S.J Watson, if you don’t already know, is about a woman called Christine, who after having an accident, suffers amnesia and as she tries to recover her memory, finds out she could not trust the one man she is supposed to trust – her husband.

What book/s are you reading and what it is it all about? Hope you have a nice day!




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