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Am I too hard on myself?

There are many critics to my writing- my family, my very few friends and my English professors. I’ve always been told I write good essays, and I believed that for some time, until I started work as a freelance writer. I am discouraged by the feedback from my employers, and while this blog became my final exit (writing what I write best), I find it’s not enough. I feel my efforts are in vain, and I am struggling.

Internet fame is far from my head, although any attention would certainly be appreciated. Don’t all we? I try not to confuse my worth, my ego with my blog’s success but I cannot draw a definite line. Also, as writers (most of us here are) and bloggers, we all have a writing style that is unique to each one of us. But sometimes, reading other’s work, I cower down and wish I wrote the same way. The same is true of magazine articles online.

Maybe I am too hard on myself? Why can’t I simply admire other writers; instead, I am so frickin jealous. I hate myself. Silent reprimanding due. I wasn’t always this way. What do you think?


One thought on “Am I too hard on myself?

  1. It’s a phase that every writer goes through. You just have to push through it. Everyone writes differently. Different does not necessarily mean better, in the case of other articles you read online.

    Good luck 😊

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