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Freeze frame poets


Soul speak ,

mind tweaks,
moving beaks,
spirit squeaks.
If there’s a noise it will capture our attention,
we turn to it,
be the noise an action,
words, gesture or occurrence,
we’ll be ready with our lenses.
We’ll capture the moments everyone misses and then remind you,
this is what it feels like to be a human in his shoes,
this is how much it hurts to be in her shoes,
this is where you stand in their shoes,
this is why you can’t look up in those shoes,
and we’ll paint for you,
without photoshop,
without a film roll,
the subtleties of all that you missed,
and all that you should in future aspire to see.
We’ll make sure you never miss out.
Because we’re poets,
we take snap shots of humanity,
and present it in the dark room of life,
so that the light can penetrate through…

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