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A writer’s job is so underrated. He or she works long hours sitting in front of a desk, not knowing when that fucking inspiration will come, while his or her boss prattles on about deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Even if a writer becomes famous by his writings (and usually fame comes after his passing away), what he will earn from this cannot feed his family of four. In contrast, models and celebrities, usually talentless human beings, get paid millions of dollars without using a single brain cell and just posing naked in an underwer advertisement – while writers, yes, use 101% of their God-given brains to write a wonderful book (and masterfully pen beautiful words), and gets rejected by publishers.

What’s more, it’s a common view that writers and book readers are “sore losers” in our society. But where would our society be without these wild, untamed creatures – the thinkers, the creatives?? Something has to start with somebody. Maybe you wouldn’t have your college degree because there was no institution for that or no textbooks because no one bothered. Almost everyone underestimates the power of a good book – it can transform; and the magic of words – it can put you in jail or place you in death row.

So do not underestimate a writer. Don’t do that. Never.


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